Pricing Details

Voces offers multiple pricing tiers, so you can choose the best level of access for your situation. All options are available as one-year subscriptions.

$100 Teacher Resource

Teacher Access Only – This option is perfect for a teacher who wants online resources, but doesn't want or need student access. Enjoy the videos, activities, games, panoramas, and lessons with your class by projecting or printing out the material.

$100 Teacher Resource + $5 Student Logins

Teacher + Individual Students – Customize this option by purchasing the $100 Teacher Resource and adding individual students for only $5 each. With the customized plan, you will have full access to the Voces tools, but will have a limit on the number of student accounts you can create. You select the number of student accounts you'll need, and you only pay for that amount.

$499 Teacher Resource + Unlimited Students

Teacher + Unlimited Students – As our classic model, this option is ideal for a teacher who wants access for an unlimited number of students. Set up classes, add students, and enjoy full access to the Voces tools, including the Teacher's Panel. This option is also available in six-month and five-year subscriptions.

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